Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 2nd, 2022 Written Updates: A Fierce battle

The captaincy contenders game for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is now taking place. The home was filled with interesting conversations, fights, and other events. Let’s take a look at today’s events in the house.

The Batton Battle

The Batton Battle job was yet another intriguing assignment from Bigg Boss to the housemates. Participants in the assignment will stand against a wall and use a batton to drive their opponents to the ground. This game will consist of three rounds. The team member of their choice can be eliminated if their team wins the most rounds overall.

Red team was in control of the grenade. They have the option of selecting both the game’s participants and the sanchalak. Revanth, Srihan, and Faima from the Red Team, as well as Marina, Inaya, and Vasanthi from the Blue Team, were selected by Geethu, the sanchalak. The red team absolutely controlled the game, which they ultimately won.

They decided on Rohith to play the role of the game’s ghost. After the game, Inaya and Srihan got into a heated quarrel once more. Srihan became irate and quarrelled with Inaya when she passed a statement that appeared inappropriate.

Secret Task

Adi Reddy was given the household’s top-secret duty. Adi Reddy’s secret job requires her to thoroughly wreck the restroom and blame the Red team. He can enlist the assistance of other competitors on his squad. They were successful in their covert mission thanks to his assistance from Inaya.

They brought Rohith back into the game after completing the hidden mission. The game will be over tomorrow, and it’s likely that the red team will be winning. So, we must wait and watch if the blue team will fight back or give up to the red team.

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