Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 30th, 2022 Written Updates: Ticket to finale continues

The housemates of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 are vying for a spot on the finals assignments as the season enters its thirteenth week. The game was abandoned early on by Satya, Inaya, and Keerthi. Yesterday, Bigg Boss offered them a chance. Check out today’s events in the house.

Keerthi Back In The Game

Inaya, Sri Satya, and Keerthi were given a second chance by Bigg Boss to enter the ticket lottery for the finale game. They must put on white t-shirts for this game, and they must dab red paint over their palms and the backs of the other players. The participant whose t-shirt has more colour will be removed. Inaya and Keerthi played well in the opening round, removing Sri Satya from contention.

Sri Satya was obviously upset with what had happened throughout the game. She thought they were pursuing her specifically. The task proceeded well when Inaya and Keerthi faced off in the second round. Revanth announced Keerthi as the winner after the final bell, putting her back in the game.

Race For The Top 5

The remaining inmates in the house will be given various assignments, Bigg Boss revealed. They must remain in the top 5, and the person who finishes in first place at the end of the tasks advances to the finals. The challenges went smoothly, and each housemate gave their all during the competition. Then came the twist; Bigg boss said they would have to choose collectively which player would be eliminated from the competition. All of the housemates asked Bigg boss for this since they couldn’t let the game go.

Balance Is The Key To Win

Then Bigg Boss assigned the housemates to balance bowls, cups, and plates that were put on top of one another. They will be required to balance everything with just one hand while everything is mounted on a stick. The game’s sanchalak, Inaya, directs players to add more bowls, cups, or plates to the stack whenever she says to do so. It has to be done by the residents. They are eliminated from the game if they trip and fall. Adi Reddy took first place in this challenge.

Adi Reddy is in the lead for a spot in the finals with 9 points, followed by Revanth (8 points), Srihan (6 points), Rohith (1 point), Keerthi (2 points), and Faima (5 points). We must wait to see how far the game progresses and who will be the lucky winner.

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