Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 3rd 2022 Written Updates: Adi Reddy Vs Geethu

The captaincy contenders challenge on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is currently in full swing. Fights have broken out between the participants, and Bigg Boss has also handed out penalties. Check out today’s events in the house.

Revanth is acting erratically

Revanth is out of control in the game; his aggressive behaviour is really bringing down his graph, and Nagarjuna needs to issue a strong warning to him due to his impolite language in the house and aggressive activity. Rohith attacked Revanth during the game to remove his stripes. Rohith accidentally struck Revanth.

Revanth then uttered “Nee Amma.” I am Evadra Kotindhi. Due to this, Rohith became enraged and yelled at Revanth for using such words. Even when Adi Reddy attempted to attack Revanth during the game. He began sparingly striking him. Even Adi Reddy advised Revanth to calm down and play nicely. Revanth yelled at him, “I shall play as I wish, and you are no one to stop me,” but he was rebuffed.

We must wait and see how Nagarjuna would react to this confrontational situation since it is changing the game.

Adi Reddy VS Geethu

In the early hours of the day, Geethu turned into a ghost. When she entered the restroom, she noticed Adi Reddy’s striped t-shirt when the players were taking a break from the game. Bigg Boss made it clear that the spirits are powerless during the game. She disregarded the rules once more and took off every stripe, though.

Adi Reddy learned that the stripes were being taken off. Geethu was questioned about it. But she said that she didn’t take it out and that she has no knowledge whatsoever. Adi Reddy, however, learned about it later and confronted Geethu. She claimed that she utilised her intelligence to defeat him and that it was his error to retain the t-shirt in that condition.

Adi Reddy lost his temper and hurled his microphone to the ground after much discussion. Adi Reddy received penalty for this in the form of a ban from the captaincy game. However, Bigg Boss also said that no matter what Geethu did, it was wrong, and he is still in the competition.

Just last week, Nagarjuna made it known to her that her gameplay needed improvement. But Geethu continued to follow her own set of rules. We must wait to see how Nagarjuna would respond to this circumstance once more.

Save your preferred contender before the voting lines close.

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