Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 6th, 2022 Written Updates: Geethu Royal Eliminated

Sunday, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Today is a good day. There were both humorous and moving moments throughout the house. In the house, there is also a shocking elimination. Check out today’s events in the house.

Snake and ladders

The roommates were instructed to play the game of snakes and ladders after Nagarjuna spoke with them. The roommates must decide who would be the snake dragging them down and who will be the ladder encouraging them to play well in this game, which is rather different. Geethu received four ladders and three snakes in this game. Srihan received three ladders, while Adi Reddy received four.

Musical Flowers

Then, a different intriguing game called Musical Flowers was set up in the garden area. The housemates must dance to the song being played on stage, and when it ends, they must dash to the garden’s floral arrangements and form a circle. Revanth won this job and received Bigg Boss Kanuka for this weekend in a game akin to musical chairs.

Geethu Royal Eliminated

Sri Satya and Geethu were the final two to go. In front of them, Nagarjuna kept an aquarium dish filled with liquid. Another liquid must be added to the tank, and whichever turns red is removed. When the timer expired, Geethu was booted out of the house.

Because Geethu deserved to be in the top 5, everyone in the house was stunned and emotional. Even Geethu kept expressing her unwillingness to leave the house. However, Nagarjuna claimed that he would do so if he had the ability to do so, but he must abide by Bigg Boss guidelines, and sadly, Geethu Royal was booted out of the house. It was really sad, and the hosts and roommates had to say goodbye to Geethu with heavy hearts.

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