Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 15th 2022 Written Updates: Good, Average, Dead.

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is over, and the weekend has arrived. Nagarjuna, the host, will provide an assessment of how the housemates did throughout their time there. The house has seen a lot of intriguing things today. Let’s investigate them, shall we?

Vasanthi’s Offering

Nagarjuna praised Rohith for making such a fantastic sacrifice for the other housemates as the episode got underway. Then Nagarjuna paused the camera and Rohith expressed regret that the other residents of the house had not asked him whether he wanted to accept the call or not. Rohith and the other residents of the house clarified that, and Nagarjuna thereafter enquired of the residents who would be prepared to make a sacrifice for Rohith. Vasanthi then stepped forward and prepared for the sacrifice.

She was summoned by Nagarjuna into the confessional, where she was instructed by Bigg Boss to trim her hair to shoulder length. She chopped her hair to shoulder length and graciously accepted the situation.

Analysis of the match

Then, based on their performances, Nagarjuna gave the housemates their reviews. The evaluations were labelled as good, average, and dead. Except for Inaya, the majority of the roommates scored between Good and Average. She was given a clear wake-up call by Nagarjuna that she had lost her concentration on the game and was instead concentrating on the spectators. She perceived it as a warning, therefore let’s hope she concentrates on the game rather than other people.

Sri Satya Saved

One participant was rescued from the house by Nagarjuna as part of the nominations work. None other than Sri Satya is that. There are several reports circulating that Sudeepa would be evicted from the house. Let’s wait and see what occurs in the Sunday Funday episode tomorrow.

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