Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 24th 2022 Written Updates: Fire Nominations

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu has begun, and from this week on, the house will feature some intriguing competition. The roommates had a wake-up call last week, and it will be interesting to watch if they maintain that fire this week. Let’s review what occurred in the house today.

Nominations On Fire

As a routine aspect of Bigg Boss’ workweek. The most eagerly awaited nominations have arrived, and Rohith and Vasanthi have been nominated just for this week. There will be no immunity for anyone because there isn’t a captain in the house.

Since the housemates were not immune, It will be a difficult week for the housemates as they must rely on their fan base and audience to vote for them. This week, every person in the house has been nominated. This will enable us to identify the top 5 candidates for the house.

Various intriguing nominations

Keerthi’s overthinking sparked a fight between Revanth and Keerthi. Revanth and Geethu got into a fight over a remark Geethu made regarding Revanth’s dietary choices. Surya and Inaya’s nomination was the most unexpected one in the house. Surya was visibly upset with Inaya over something that occurred the previous week.

Following their argument, Surya proposed Inaya. Nagarjuna mentioned their intention to play separately last week, as well as the fact that they were acting in the house. But inside the house, it didn’t appear that way. In the house, Bala Aditya and Satya had another intriguing event. With Satya’s game of deception, Bala Aditya was obviously not pleased.

These are the noteworthy nominations that took place in the house, then. They are all up for nominations, so keep casting your vote to protect your favourite contender from harm.

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