Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 25th, 2022 Written Updates: Catch the Fish

Week two of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has begun. following a lively nominations segment within the house. For this week’s job, Bigg Boss came up with another intriguing idea. In the house, a lot of strange and fascinating things occurred. Check out today’s events in the house.

Grabbing the Fish

Chepala Cheruvu was given the mission by Bigg Boss to win the captaincy race. The goal of this game was for the housemates to capture as many fish as they could in pairs. The fish kept falling in the garden area, and at the conclusion of each round, the pair with the fewest fish will be disqualified.

The couples can challenge one another and raise the quantity of fish during the buzzer time. The players in this matchup included Surya-Vasanthi, Revanth-Inaya, Srihan-Sri Satya, Baladitya-Marina, Adireddy-Geethu, Rohit-Keerthy, and Raj-Faima.

Failure of Geethu’s planning

She couldn’t physically compete with the other roommates in the assignment, as Geethu had stated. She then advised Adi Reddy to provoke Revanth in accordance with their strategy. Inaya can’t catch the fish if Revanth becomes angry, though. By attempting to steal the fish from Vasanthi, Geethu tested her schemes. Surya, though, stopped her.

Adi Reddy was beaten up by a few of the roommates, while Geethu had some fish stolen. Geethu then began using her words to tease Rohit and Marina. Nobody has the guts like her, she claimed. Everyone in the home will be her target, according to Geethu. But in the end, the Geethu-Adi Reddy couple caught fewer fish than the other players, and they were disqualified from the contest. Geethu then sobbed after being ousted in the first round.

Golden Fish

A golden fish was retained in the contest by Bigg Boss. The winner of the game will be the person who catches the golden fish. Revanth, who masterfully ran the game, won the gold fish and added more fish to their game.

The fact that Surya-Vasanthi and Sri Satya-Srihan dove into the pool without first pulling it out cost them points.

The task is proceeding in an intriguing way, with debates and head-to-head competition. We must find out who will be this week’s captaincy contenders.

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