Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 26th 2022 Written Updates: Geethu’s gameplay

The fish task in the house is progressing fairly well; it was physically demanding, and the game reached its highest points. Geethu was eliminated right away in the first round. But by introducing her own rules, she is playing by her own set of rules. She received a fascinating ability today. Check out what occurred in the house.

Adi Reddy and Geethu as Sanchalak

Geethu discovered a black fish in the swimming pool during the morning singing. No one took notice of the fact that she carried it. After that, Marina and Geethu got into a fight over the game. Geethu is psychologically hurting Marina in a real way. She claims that while it is a feature of the game, she is not personally targeting anyone. However, it does not project outside in that way.

Today’s episode of the game saw Bigg Boss appoint Geethu and Adi Reddy as Sanchalaks. Geethu then began creating her own set of game rules. She refused to give up even a little bit, despite the opposition of her roommates. Even though she isn’t playing the game, she started gathering the fish.

Adi Reddy then entered the scene and confronted her. He remarked that she could lose the fish to her housemates. Geethu and Adi Reddy got into a fight. Adi Reddy, though, maintained his composure and strategically played against Geethu.

Black Fish Benefit

Bigg Boss announced that there is a black fish in the house after the challenge was completed. The Bigg Boss was then shown that black fish by Geethu. Then Bigg Boss claimed that she had the authority to switch one couple’s fish for another’s. She used strategy while playing the game. She traded Srihan and Sri Satya’s fish for those of Revanth and Inaya. When Bala Aditya and Marina were present, there were the fewest fish. They were eliminated from the game in this manner.

Revanth became irate and remarked that she wasn’t playing the game correctly. Even Inaya yelled at her, but Geethu killed two birds with one stone with his clever game play. Even though she is methodically playing the game, tormenting someone emotionally doesn’t translate well outdoors. The weekend episode must reveal Nagarjuna’s reaction to this circumstance.

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