Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 10 Highlights: Intense Physical and Flexible Tasks In The House

Day 10 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and this time the challenge will be challenging and flexible inside the house. The ability of the roommates to be flexible and physically fit will be put to the test. You can vote for your favorite competitors at any time until this Friday at midnight after the nomination procedure was completed yesterday. Hence, be sure to vote for and save your competitors. The sole constant resident of the residence up to this point is Sandeep Master. One or two members will move in together permanently this week.

Ranadhira Vs Mahabali Teams

Amardeep, Priyanka, Shivaji, Yawar, Shakeela, and Shobha are members of the Ranadhira team. Gautam, Rathika, Damini, Subha, Teja, and Prashanth make up the Mahabali team. The tug of war between the two teams is the first job. In this game, the teams must drag the opposing team to the center. As the entire strength of the squad is inside the Ranadhira team alone, we sincerely believe that Bigg Boss did not divide the team correctly.

Yawar excelled in the tug of war and stood out as the game’s top performance. He has been able to pull the entire team to the middle line while holding onto the rope by himself. Due to their superior strength, the Ranadhira squad easily defeated the Mahabali team in the challenge.

Malupu Lo Gelupu

A color scheme was maintained for the second assignment, which was a flexible task between the teams. The Master will spin a wheel with various colored hands, legs, and corner accents. Say the wheel stops on the right side and in the color red. The participant must remain still while keeping their right hand on the color red. If the left leg and the color blue are where the wheel stops, the person must keep their left leg there without touching any other colors. The person who completes the task correctly without faltering will be declared the winner.

Priyanka defeated Gowtham in this endeavor, and Priyanka prevailed. In the Shobha vs. Prashanth assignment, Prashanth triumphed; in the Prince vs. Rathika task, Prince Yawar triumphed; and in the Ranadhira team task, the Ranadhira team triumphed; and the Ranadhira team advanced to the following stage of the game.

Ranadhira’s crew appeared competent throughout the duties. Sandeep Master was the most frustrating aspect, though. He appears to be at risk of losing his immunity. Hopefully not. Prince Yawar, though, is the task’s top performance and he might be saved this week.

Yawar’s Punishment

Yawar was disciplined by Bigg Boss for speaking in both Hindi and English. Bigg Boss administers a sentence in Telugu as punishment, and the offender must repeat it. He can be bothered by the other team members, but if he is upset and stops them, they will fail to complete the objective. The Mahabali did their best to divert him from this task.

Nobody paid attention to Shivaji’s cautionary attempts to halt them. He then lost control and began tossing dumbbells about the room. We must now wait and observe how Bigg Boss would respond to this circumstance.

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