Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 105 Highlights: The Grandest Of The Grand Finale Is Here

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 105 has here, and it is the Grand Finale in the house, which we have been anticipating for several days. The Top 6 are in the house, and there will only be one winner. After 105 days and 15 weeks of hard labour, only one person is deserving of the Bigg Boss trophy. Let’s examine what transpired at the house’s grandest of grand finales.

Nagarjuna made a dramatic entrance into the house with an incredible song from KGF, Dheera Dheera, and he looks dashing in the black suit. Following that, all of the ex-housemates performed on stage to wonderful tunes. It was definitely electrifying and stage-shaking. Then, on stage, Nagarjuna spoke with all of the ex-housemates about how their lives have changed since Bigg Boss Season 7. Most of them stated that their lives have drastically changed, with Teja stating that he has 15 films, Bhole stating that she has shot two songs, Subhasree stating that she is playing an important role in the OG film, and Gowtham stating that he is starring in three films.

Then Nagarjuna addressed the family members, including Arjun’s wife, Prashanth’s parents, Amardeep’s wife Tejaswi and mother, Yawar’s three brothers, Shivaji’s both sons, and Priyanka’s father and brother, who had come to support their father Shivaji.

Dance Performance Of The Finalists In The House

Then Nagarjuna turned on the MaNa TV in the house, and the finalists performed a dance routine in front of the audience. Yawar performed Waat Laga Dengey, Shivaji performed Mayadari Maisamo, Priyanka performed Ranjithamme, Pallavi Prashanth performed Ey Bidda Idhi Naa Adda, Arjun performed Salaam Rocky Bhai, and Amar performed Raja The Great Song.

The roommates then danced together to Leo’s song “Badass maa.” Then Nagarjuna declared that Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 was the most successful season of all time, and he displayed an AV of the entire Bigg Boss House. It was a lovely journey through the house.

Winning Speeches Given By The Housemates

The roommates donned photographs of one another and delivered winning speeches. Shivaji gave the winning speech while wearing Yawar’s portrait, and it was funny. Arjun donned Shivaji’s portrait and delivered the victory speech, which was hilarious and which Arjun nailed with his outstanding performance. Yawar delivered the winning speech while wearing Arjun’s portrait. Prashanth wore Priyanka’s portrait and delivered her winning speech. Amar donned Prashanth’s portrait and delivered the winning speech. Priyanka donned Amar’s picture and spoke his winning speech.

During this break, Niddhi Agarwal presented a daring and fiery performance on stage. Nagarjuna then asked the roommates to choose their favourite area in the home. Priyanka’s favourite spot in the house is the Standard room, Arjun’s favourite spot is the Garden area, Shivaji’s favourite spot is the Jos Alukas room, Yawar’s favourite spot is also the Jos Alukas room, Amar’s favourite spot is his GoDown, and Prashanth’s favourite spot is the place where plants are kept in the house.

Following this section, Nagarjuna presented the housemates with the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 trophy.

Suma Kanakala, Roshan, and Manasa On The Stage

Suma has appeared on stage to promote her son’s upcoming film. The lead actors from the Bubblegum film, Roshan and Manasa, have entered the stage. They also marketed the film, and Suma walked into the house to fetch one of the contestants back to the stage.

Arjun Eliminated From The House

The roommates stood on the pedestals of the home, and when Nagarjuna asked who would be evicted from the house, no one responded. Then Suma entered the house and spoke with the roommates, and a robo entered with a gun in its hand to eliminate one of the contestants. The robo then started spinning here and there until it came to a stop near Arjun, and that’s how Arjun was kicked out of the house. Suma and Arjun emerged from the house.

Then Arjun and Suma appeared on stage. Then Arjun, his wife Surekha, and Nagarjuna posed for a shot on stage.

Following this section, the housemates played a game with ex-housemates and Yes or No in the house. It was a happy and exciting time at the house. Chandrika Ravi followed this portion with a scorching dance performance.

Awards Given By Nagarjuna

Damini received the Pidakala Award, and Nayani Pavani received the Instant Noodles Award.
Pooja received the Water Bottle Award.
In the middle of the award ceremony, Nagarjuna summoned Teja and a tattoo artist to the platform. They then stuck a sticker with Sbobha’s name on his hand.

Subhasree Sanchalak receives the Red Lipstick Award; Sandeep Master receives the Golden Mic Award; Ashwini receives the Tissue Box Award; Gowtham receives the Fire Brand Award; and Arjun receives the Baby Sonography T-Shirt.

Ravi Teja Onto The Stage

Mass Maharaja took the stage to promote his forthcoming film, Eagle. Ravi Teja then engaged with the other roommates. Then Nagarjuna presented Amardeep with an intriguing prospect. He can act with Ravi Teja if he comes out right immediately. Without hesitation, Amardeep stated that he would leave the house. Then Ravi Teja offered Amardeep a role in his upcoming film.

Then Nagarjuna opened the gates and told him that if he came out immediately away, he could do the movie. Amar raced back to the gate and waited without hesitation. Then Nagarjuna summoned him back inside.

Priyanka Eliminated From The House

There was a white board in The Elimination Process, and Ravi Teja drew a colour on it, revealing that Priyanka had been ousted from the house. Then Priyanka took the platform and spoke about her time in the home. Her father and brother were quite proud of her performance.

Allari Naresh And Raj Tarun On The Stage

Following this section, Nagarjuna stated that he will release the teaser for Naa Sami Ranga. Then Allari Naresh and Raj Tarun appeared on stage. Vijay, the film’s director, was also present, as was Naa Saami Ranga’s lead actress. The teaser for the film was then presented on the big screen. The movie’s teaser looks spectacular, and we’ll see Nagarjuna in a never-before-seen Avatar in the film. The film will be released in theatres on Sankranthi 2024.

Yawar Eliminated From The House

Allari Naresh and Raj Tarun entered the residence with a Golden Briefcase. The Golden Briefcase contains a total of 15 lakh rupees. With the 15 lakh rupees in the house, both of them have tempted all of the housemates. Then Yawar’s brothers advised him to take the money. Yawar then accepted the offer and pocketed the 15 lakh rupees. He claimed to be living for his family, and he took the money and left with them.

Then Yawar’s brothers appeared on stage and took a photo with him. It was a difficult time for all of the brothers. Following this part, Neha Shetty wowed the audience with an incredible performance.

Kalyan Ram and Samyuktha Menon On The Stage

Kalyan Ram and Samyuktha Menon took the stage to promote their forthcoming film Devil. The film’s trailer has been presented on the big screen. The movie trailer looks excellent in the house.

Shivaji Eliminated From The House

All three housemates came to the house’s activity room, where there are three Morse Code-connected cloud chairs. The person in the Red Chair is evicted from the house. Shivaji’s chair remained crimson, and he was kicked out of the house. Pallavi Prashanth sobbed uncontrollably at Shivaji’s feet. Shivaji appeared on stage and touched Nagarjuna’s feet. Shivaji’s journey was lovely; he earned the title Chanakya and deserved to be the house winner, according to the game. However, both received a majority of votes. Then Shivaji’s sons posed for a picture with Nagarjuna. Shivaji’s youngest son sobbed uncontrollably.

Nagarjuna entered the house and called the top two inmates to the stage. The lights were then turned off in the Bigg Boss house, and Nagarjuna, Prashanth, and Amar took the stage. Then Bigg Boss aired a video of Nagarjuna’s journey. It was an incredible journey, and he has nailed the host role this season, which has been the ideal season for him.

Pallavi Prashanth The Winner Of The Bigg Boss Season 7.

When the time came for the winner, Nagarjuna held both of their hands and announced the victory in the traditional manner. Following suit, Nagarjuna named Pallavi Prashanth as the winner. The man who entered the house as a commoner, caused a sensation with his great gaming, and became the first captain, as well as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7. Amar’s mother and wife entered the stage and posed for an incredible photo with the host.

Pallavi Prashanth won the prize money of 35 lakh rupees, as well as the Techie Breza automobile and Jos Alukas jewellery. That’s it for the season, guys. It’s been an incredible season, and it’s been the best season yet. See you next year for another wonderful season of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8.

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