Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 16 Highlights: Ganapathi Bappa Comes To Bigg Boss

In the third week of the competition on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7, two contestants have already been booted out of the house. Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to all of you first. May Lord Vinayaka bestow his blessings on each and every one of you. Returning to the Bigg Boss house, some incredibly intriguing events have taken place there. Check out what occurred in the house.

Discussions After The Nominations

The nominations have been completed, and yesterday’s big revelation was that Tasty Teja and Amardeep have been switched. Following that, Shivaji and Teja were talking about Damini playing the safe game at home.

Even Rathika and Shoba Shetty engaged in some heated debates about the nominees inside the house. Numerous debates on nominations brought the evening to a close, and the new day soon arrived.

Ganapathi Bappa In the House

Bigg Boss wished the participants a happy Ganesh Chathurthi and urged them to perform nice poojas and pray the Lord for his blessings. The contestants are still getting ready for the celebration, but very soon the entire home will be decked.

New Power Astra New Task

The start of the new power astra was also declared by Bigg Boss. It will be the three-week immunity game because this is the third week in the house. Then, Bigg Boss treated a few candidates to a significant surprise. Amardeep, Shobha Shetty, and Yawar were chosen by Bigg Boss to compete for the immunity and the new power astra. The remainder went to go to their locations after feeling dejected. When he realized that Bigg Boss did not like his game at all, Prashanth became emotional.

Nobody knows what took place in the confessional room when Bigg Boss summoned Prashanth there. It remains a top secret. Then Bigg Boss brought each participant individually into the house and asked them to identify which of the three was the least deserved. Shobha Shetty and Amardeep were then selected by the majority of the housemates as the weak competitors. Everyone anticipated that it would remain a household secret, but the plot twist is still a mystery.

Then Bigg Boss summoned everyone back to the living room and told three candidates what they had said to him. Some of the participants were embarrassed by this, which was incredibly startling. Following the conversation, Prashanth started acting strangely around Rathika. In addition to angrily speaking to her, they are also currently engaged in a minor altercation. Let’s find out what Prashanth has in mind since it can be a secret task.

Shivaji’s Astra Stolen

Amardeep has taken and hidden Sivaji’s Maya astra, which is still needed for the big game at home. Despite the fact that Bigg Boss made it clear that the power of the Astra would remain intact even if it were stolen. Watch to see what transpires in the home and how the game develops.

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