Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 34 Highlights: A Review About The Buddy Task

It is Day 34 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 and the house is hot today because it is Saturday. We saw in the house yesterday that Prashanth was the task winner and was elevated to the position of house captain. He became the first captain of the house, and everyone is so proud of him for it. Let’s take a look at what occurred in the house today.

Nagarjuna Gives Reviews For The Performances

The initial review was given to Priyanka and Shobha Shetty. Nagarjuna maintained a friend board on stage and used a knife to stab the heart board before asking if they had any negative game-related experiences. Shobha Shetty failed to take a position during the smiling friends’ first duty, according to Priyanka. She anticipated coming in third, but due to her poor judgment, they lost the star and ultimately the competition. The issues they had with one another were resolved by Nagarjuna.

Amardeep and Sandeep’s review came next. Three knives were plunged into the board by Nagarjuna, who also pointed out three errors that they had made. Amardeep is the first to leave the line to throw the fruits, followed by Sandeep who takes them from another basket, and finally Sandeep who adds the peel to the juice to raise the level of it. He didn’t mention the fact that Amardeep is the game’s Sanchalak.

However, Sandeep and Amar persisted in telling Nagarjuna that they had to do it because it was a requirement of the game. When Nagarjuna showed them the video, everyone in the house was silent. Amardeep then declared that he would learn from his mistakes and play the game even better. Nagarjuna responded by noting that he has been using the same dialogue since the first week. We must wait to see if he will change.

Gautham and Subhasree received the next review. They were told by the board that Nagarjuna had only kept one knife and that they were closest friends. Then Nagarjuna called attention to the error that was made during the grin exercise. They are not deserving of any stars in the game, according to Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna also drew attention to Gautham’s deceitful tactics used to get Subhasree to throw her letter in the trash.

The following evaluation was then given to Shivaji and Prashanth. They both received praise from Nagarjuna for acting fair in the home, and he predicted that those who do so will prevail there. The best thing about this week was that they played a fair game in the house and Prashanth was elected house captain.

Then Teja and Yawar received the following review. Teja received praise from Nagarjuna for amusing the other housemates, and both of them received praise for their excellent play in the home.

Bottom Three As Per The Housemates

Nagarjuna enquired as to who the Bottom Three were in the home. Afterward, the housemates voiced their opinions, and Gautham, Subhasree, Amar, and Shivaji received the majority of the votes from the house. We must now determine how much of this will prove to be accurate.

There will be an elimination from the house tomorrow, and everyone is in for a tremendous surprise. Subhasree could be the person eliminated. Let’s wait and see what occurs tomorrow. Watch for further updates as we witness what happens in the house.

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