Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 42 Highlights: Nayani Pavani Is Out Of The House

Sunday Funday and Day 42 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 are here, and a lot of intriguing things have happened in the house. Yesterday, we saw three former competitors named Subhasree, Rathika, and Damini, and today, there have been a lot of things happening in the house once more. Today is the house’s Sunday Funday, so let’s see what happens there. Let’s look at more information.

Vote For The Three

The majority of the votes cast for the previous housemate will be returned to the house. The housemates must vote for three members.

The three were chosen by the other residents, and the results will be announced shortly. According to our rumors, Subhasree entered the house.

Karela Shot Yes And No

Nagarjuna will enquire twice about each housemate in this round. The housemates had to take the sour Karela shot if the bulk of their responses were contrary to Nagarjuna’s question. This was a humorous but also educational game that revealed to the housemates their respective strengths and shortcomings. They are encouraged to identify their skills and improve on those as well.

As a result, Nayani, Ashwini, and Pooja Murthy were spared from nominations, along with Shobha, Teja, and Amar. who will be kicked out of the house.

Anil Ravipudi And Sree Leela In The House

In the house, Anil Ravipudi provided his reviews, which were entertaining and humorous. Teja, according to Anil, is his junior at college and thinks Priyanka is cute at home. The highlight, though, was when Shobha Shetty and Sree Leela conversed in Kannada inside the home, and Bhole Shavali instantly sang a song for Sree Leela.

Yawar mentioned a dialogue by Nagarjuna and noted how much his Telugu speaking had improved. Anil Ravipudi and Sree Leela then departed the house. Pooja Murthy was saved during the course of this game and amusement, and Ashwini and Nayani Pavani were left standing. Watch to see who is ejected from the house.

Between each elimination, there was a little game where teams had to predict which music was playing in each section of the house. The team with the most correct guesses won the luxury budget for the house.

Nayani Pavani Out Of The House

Nayani and Ashwini faced off in the last elimination. They each had a fish bowl in the activity room, which contained yellow liquid. Additionally, there were two bottles. The yellow liquid turned red when they both added the first bottle to it. Nagarjuna predicted that the house might experience a double elimination. As soon as they added the second bottle to the red liquid, Ashwini’s bowl turned green but Nayani Pavani’s bowl remained red, sending her packing.

She reportedly cried for a very long time both on stage and during the Bigg Boss Buzz Interview since she was so distraught after the elimination. We wish her luck in all of her next undertakings.

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