Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 47 Highlights: Ambati Arjun Is The New Captain Of The House

Day 47 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and yesterday we saw that the Aliens had left the house. Today, the Jilebipuram team has won the game, and they have a better chance of challenging for the captaincy.

In the house, many fascinating things have happened in addition to the exciting chores and outrageous enjoyment. Check out today’s events in the house. We can tell you that things will get tense, sensitive, challenging, and entertaining. Now let’s begin the episode.

Elimination For The Captain

Both team members were asked to take a position in the garden area of Bigg Boss. The thrilling part now is that the team who lost the game must choose a suitable captain from the Jilebi Puram in the Gulabi Puram. Shivaji is also pickable because he plays for both teams. The Gulabi Puram squad must choose a chain with a picture of each competitor from Jilebi Puram from a drowned ship in the swimming pool. They must sink the chain they intend to get rid of.

The Shobha Shetty and Ashwini discussion were the competition’s high points. It is obvious that Shobha Shetty has no interest in Ashwini. The other standout is Prashanth’s absurd remarks once more. He continues to babble regardless of what occurs, including nominations or these kinds of eliminations.

Amar’s elimination of Shivaji from the game was another noteworthy aspect of the elimination. That left Shivaji feeling upset. Sandeep Master, the finest player from Gulabi Puram, became a contender for the captaincy after Arjun, who was ultimately the sole member of the squad left, was eliminated.

Shivaji Emotional In The Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss questioned Shivaji about his performance in the house as he was brought into the confessional. Then he complained that his hand hurt a lot and that he was hurt by the housemates’ subtle jabs that he wasn’t allowed to play the game and was weak. He claimed that he is unable to cry in their presence. He cried in the confessional for that reason. There was a lot of emotion in the house at the time.

Arjun Is The New Captain Of The House

Arjun and Sandeep had to pick up the letters from the pile and keep them as Captain in the puzzle while having their eyes blindfolded for the captaincy challenge.They can ask the other residents for assistance; whomever does so first wins the game and takes over as Captain of the home. Arjun eventually took over as the house captain in a pretty entertaining and solid game.

Omkar and team in the house for Promotions

Mansion 24, a new web series from Omkar, has begun streaming on Hotstar. Omkar, Varalakshmi Sarathkuma, and Avika Gor visited the house. After being entertained by the residents and receiving their well wishes for the future, they left.

The show will commence at 6 PM on Sunday. Tomorrow, Nagarjuna will present a review episode, and on Sunday, Dussehra will be celebrated.

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