Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 48 Highlights: Saturday Roast Is Here

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 48 has arrived, and there will be many exciting events tonight. Nagarjuna made a dramatic entrance with a sword and danced to the Najabhajajajara song from God Father, and things got a little hot in the home after that. Without wasting any more time in the house, Nagarjuna turned on the MaNa TV.

Nagarjuna Congratulates Arjun

Straightaway Nagarjuna congratulated Arjun on his appointment as the new captain of the house. He is really impressed with Arjun for becoming captain of the house in less than two weeks, and Nagarjuna then invites Yawar to get up and tell him what he learned during his captaincy in the house. Then Yawar said that he learned responsibility and how to manage the house in the house. Following that, Nagarjuna asked the house whether Yawar is a reasonable captain or not, and the entire house unanimously agreed that Yawar is a fine captain.

Nagarjuna Pranks Amar, Shobha, and Teja

Then Nagarjuna requested Shobha to step up and explain why she let Amar consume the cake that had been sent for her. Shobha then revealed that she had asked everyone, especially Amar, not to eat the cake, but they didn’t listen and ate it anyhow. Then Nagarjuna asked her if she might have complained to Bigg Boss, but she didn’t say anything to Amar, then Nagarjuna explained that they were playing Groupism.

They have a consequence for their disobedience in the house. Nagarjuna directed Arjun to go into the storeroom and retrieve something. Then Arjun entered the house with a cake. On the cake, it said, “Well done, Amar.” Then Nagarjuna replied that it was a joke and praised Amar for giving his all in the house, saying that he can progress even more in the house and that he can enjoy the cake now without any problems.

Break The Pot By Nagarjuna

First and foremost, Nagarjuna. Bhole Shavali’s pot was broken. Nagarjuna advised him to control his words a little more, despite the fact that he may have let the words spill out of his mouth, but he admired the way he apologized to them. However, Shobha Shetty has not fully apologized to him, and Nagarjuna praised Priyanka for taking a stand in the house and battling against the wrong thing.

What comes next Nagarjuna shattered Prashanth’s pot. Prashanth falsely accused Sandeep of calling him a country idiot. However, in the nominations, Sandeep vowed on his wife and his dance that he did not say. Today, Nagarjuna stated that Sandeep did not say such things, and he advised Prashanth not to place ridiculous blame on others. Prashanth cried for a time, and then Nagarjuna stated that his father is from a village, and he should be pleased because the village feeds the people.

Then Nagarjuna praised Ashwini for playing a wonderful game in the house and encouraged her to temper her language a little more because she was using some poor English terms. Then Nagarjuna asked if there was anything they wanted to discuss in the house. The captain of the house, Arjun, then came up and stated that they want to know about Shivaji’s health condition because everyone in the house believes that Shivaji is not in good health, either directly or indirectly.

Then Nagarjuna summoned Shivaji to the confession room and inquired about his condition. Then Shivaji stated that he is unable to function effectively due to his health issue, and Nagarjuna stated that doctors are constantly monitoring his condition, and if his condition worsens significantly, Bigg Boss would make a decision. Then Shivaji asked for Physio treatment in the house for him, and Nagarjuna replied he would arrange it. Then Nagarjuna stated that Shivaji will play with twice the zeal in the house.

Snakes And Ladders

Then Nagarjuna challenged the housemates to a game of Snakes & Ladders. Snake is the one who pulls them down, and Ladder is the one who lifts them up.

Ashwini chose Ladder for Goutham and Snake for Shobha.
Goutham chose Ladder to play Arjun and Snake to play Shivaji.
Shivaji chose Ladder for Yawar and Snake for Amar.
Amar chose Ladder for Arjun and Snake for Teja.
Arjun chose Ladder for Goutham and Snake for Shivaji.
Yawar picked Snake for Goutham. Pooja chose Ladder Arjun, and Snake for Ashwini.
Bhole Ladder as Shivaji and Snake was Shobha.
Shobha chose Snake for Bhole and Ladder for Priyanka.
Sandeep chose Ladder for Shobha and Snake for Shivaji.
Teja chose the ladder to represent Amar and Snake to represent Yawar.
Prashanth chose the ladder to represent Shivaji and the snake to represent Pooja.

Arjun and Shivaji have the most ladders. Shivaji gets the most snakes as well. Nagarjuna will visit the housemates tomorrow at 7 p.m. for a Dussehra Special Event. Keep an eye out for more interesting news.

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