Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 53 Highlights: Interesting More Games In the House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 53 is here, and there is a lot going on. We saw Priyanka and Prashanth become captaincy contenders for the new week yesterday, and now Bigg Boss has more exciting plans to keep the viewers engaged on the screens for this episode as well. Let’s see what occurs today at the house.

Sponge Out The Water

In the third activity, the candidates must don a helmet-like device on their heads with a sponge and stand under a faucet, collecting water in the sponge and draining it down the tank; whoever fills the tank with full water wins the task. Arjun, Sandeep, Ashwini, and Bhole Shavali are the participants in this task. Arjun and Sandeep master advanced to the next phase of this task and competed fiercely.

Finally, Sandeep Master triumphed in this assignment and was named a captaincy contender. Bhole Shavali finished in last place.

Remove The Balls Out Of The Tank

Bigg Boss presented another intriguing job in the following task. This time, some balls have been placed in the assignment, and they must swiftly remove them and ring the bell in the center, and whoever does so first becomes a captaincy contender.

Shivaji, Gowtham, and others collaborated in this task. Gowtham was the eventual winner. But we must commend Shivaji for trying his hardest with one hand and giving others a run for their money.

Wear As Many Clothes As You Can

Shobha, Teja, and Yawar took part in the final job, which required them to wear as many garments as they could in order to be considered for captaincy. The task was amusing and intriguing, and Shobha wore 72 different outfits for it, which is a record. She put in a lot of effort on the task. The captaincy contenders will be tested tomorrow. Let’s see what occurs in the house tomorrow and who becomes the next captain.

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