Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 85 Highlights: Red Paint Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 85 has arrived, and there is a lot going on in the house. We saw Ashwini and Rathika get kicked out of the house yesterday. There are now eight people in the house, and we may witness another double elimination to determine the top five for the finale week. There will be several fascinating nominees in the house today. So, let’s see what occurs today in the house.

Red Paint Nominations In The House

Today there will be many exciting nominations, and Bigg Boss summoned the housemates to the activity room, which was decorated as hell. The candidates must use the Red paint to nominate. Because there is no captain in the house, everyone is in danger of being nominated. So let’s get started on the nominees.

Shivaji Vs Chuka Batch In The House

Shivaji has finished turning around for the SPA batch that Shobha, Priyanka, and Amar for the previous Saturday and Sunday at the residence. Even though Shivaji did not back Amar during his captaincy round, he has exposed Priyanka and her behavior in the house, and Shobha has kept some retaliation for not supporting Amar during his captaincy round.

That is exactly what occurred in the house today. Shivaji was initially nominated by Shobha and Priyanka. Priyanka stated that she was unaware that Shivaji harbored such animosity for her despite the fact that he had supported her in numerous games. A heated dispute ensued, with Priyanka originally nominating Shivaji. Then Shobha remarked the same thing, that it felt like she was playing the game for Amar rather than for herself. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that these three are playing together.

Even Gowtham and Arjun have nominated him, and it appears that Shivaji has been a target for everyone in the house this season. The dumbest thing is Gowtham nominating him for the house again. He stated that the SPY batch was established as a result of Shivaji’s support for Yawar and Prashanth in the home and his failure to take others seriously. The argument between them also persisted.

The Chukka batch, as named by Nagarjuna, has targeted Yawar and Prashanth as well. This time, Shivaji, Prashanth, and Yawar are nominated, and we’ll see how the votes are distributed among them. Nominations will be heard in the House again tomorrow. So let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow. Stay tuned for additional house updates.

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