Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 87 Highlights: The Ticket To Finale Game Continues In the House

Day 87 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has arrived, and the finale is just a few days away. It is going to be an exciting and fascinating weeks for the next two weeks. As of right now, the house is holding a ticket to the finals race. Yesterday, Shivaji and Shobha were ousted from the game due to low scores, and they donated their points to Amar, who is currently leading the house. We’ll be seeing a lot of fascinating jobs around the house today. Let’s examine the events of today in the house.

Ship Task In The House

Bigg Boss has given a unique assignment in the house during the morning hours, which involves hanging boats around the swimming pool. They must force the ship to hang over to their side, dump the sand to one side, and seize the flag.

In this game, the winner is the one who captures the flag first. The task proceeded quite well, and once more Prashanth emerged victorious, receiving commendable grades for his work.

Guess The Sound Task

Bigg Boss played some sounds in the house for the participants to guess, and they had to write it down on the board. This was a fun activity. The one who correctly guesses the most times will win the challenge. The assignment was engaging and enjoyable. The game was a big blast for the housemates.

Yawar and Prashanth are no longer in the race because they guessed less items. When it came to the points table, Priyanka was lower than the others. Bigg Boss then instructed her to distribute half of the points to any member of the house. Subsequently, Priyanka selected Gowtham, awarding her half of his points, and consequently eliminating herself from the final race.

Rift Between Shobha, Priyanka, and Amar

After that, Amar was upset that Priyanka had not awarded him any points, and three of his best friends got into an altercation. Priyanka and Amar stopped communicating, and as a result, Priyanka is currently experiencing extreme emotional and physical sadness. She is unable to handle the fact that her pals are not there for her.

Then when debating what to do for dinner at home. Shobha was instructed to prepare the meal when Priyanka announced that she wasn’t feeling well. Then Shobha claimed that everyone was following her commands and that arguments had broken out in the home. In addition to the ticket to the finale race, the best buddies are fighting. Very soon, a lot of fascinating things will also occur in the house. Stay tuned for additional developments.

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