Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 90 Highlights: Nagarjuna’s Review

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 90 has arrived, and as it is a Saturday show, Nagarjuna will be visiting the house. We saw Arjun earn the ticket to the finale task in the house yesterday, and now it is official that he is the first competitor to enter the Bigg Boss Season 7 finals. Let us wait and watch what occurs in the house.

Nagarjuna made a dramatic entrance into the house with an excellent song, and he looks really handsome in his one-of-a-kind garment. Nagarjuna immediately launched the MaNa Tv, and the housemates participated in CERA and country delight sponsor chores in the home. The house was a lot of fun and interesting. Let’s get down to business in the house.

Nagarjuna instantly praised Arjun for his outstanding performance and obtaining the ticket to the finals task without the assistance of anyone in the house. Then Nagarjuna confronted Shivaji and Shobha about their poor game performance. Shivaji made it apparent that his hand wasn’t in good shape and that he didn’t want to take any chances in the house. Then Nagarjuna inquired why they offered their points to Amar, and both of them gave truthful explanations.

Then Nagarjuna told Priyanka about her game and Amar and Shobha’s emotional blackmail on her. Priyanka is clearly being cornered by her two friends, and she is displeased with them. Even though she appears to be cheerful on the surface, we can hear the pain in her voice when she speaks to Nagarjuna.

Then Nagarjuna confronted Yawar about his shady behavior during the escape task. He spotted the serial number on the key, which is 786, which is truly a foul in the house, and he also tossed away the keys, and Nagarjuna remarked that if he loses the game, he is going low, and he offered an example of Arjun who was brave and didn’t give up during the duties.

Then Nagarjuna discussed Amar and his blindfold game. He has assured Amar that he did not perform any dirty tricks during the blindfold assignment. Then, during the guess the sound task, he was caught red-handed. Amar could easily see Gowtham’s board. Nagarjuna halted two days of coffee for both of them since they couldn’t watch the foul.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Gowtham about his approach during the boat task and how he overthought during the game, and Nagarjuna teased Gowtham by saying that he sees Rathika in him. Nagarjuna has indirectly set up battles between Arjun and Gowtham. It is clear that Gowtham prefers Priyanka above Arjun. Then Nagarjuna asked Priyanka why she persuaded Gowtham to give Amar the points. Then Priyanka stated that she is participating in the individual task and that she felt emotionally weak to deliver the points to Amar. The explanation was not at all clear.

The schism between Shivaji and Gowtham was then explained by Nagarjuna. He has targeted Shivaji and is solely backing Yawar and Prashanth. Then Nagarjuna asked why he isn’t challenging Priyanka since she is continually supporting Amar and Shobha, even though she hasn’t nominated any of them. He basically tried to cover it up with stupid techniques, so his explanation was completely unclear.

Then Nagarjuna praised Prashanth’s work in the house. Nagarjuna praised him for his outstanding performance, and Nagarjuna explicitly stated that if he loses the game, he should not be emotional, and that he should use the eviction free pass this week alone.

Then Nagarjuna praised Amar for his efforts, saying that he had “played the game wonderfully” with his foul game and emotional blackmail in the home. Nagarjuna wanted him to play the game gracefully, not with bad language and illogical techniques. Then Nagarjuna appointed Amar as captain of the house, but he will not be granted immunity in the house. He refused to have Shobha and Priyaanka as deputies, and he became the house’s last captain.

Then Nagarjuna complimented Arjun on his outstanding performance in the home, and he played the game on his own. He is officially the first Bigg Boss Season 7 contender to reach the finals.

The BB Library

The housemates must distribute the books to others. Shobha offered Priyanka a book on how to play the game independently.

Yawar learned how to use his brain during the game from Priyanka.

Shobha was given advice by Yawar on how to avoid spreading negativity in the house.

Prashanth was shown how to properly nominate by Amar.

Prashanth instructed Amar on how not to yell in the house.

Shivaji learned from Gowtham how not to always be correct.

Shivaji taught Gowtham not to think negatively or deviously. Then, in the house, Shivaji and Gowtham got into a heated disagreement about Shivaji’s support for Yawar and Prashanth. Gowtham stated that Shivaji is not taking a stand when Yawar and Prashanth make mistakes.

They argued that Shivaji had been after Gowtham since the beginning. Then Nagarjuna made it plain that 80 cameras are watching them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that if someone is incorrect, the public will kick them out of the house. But Gowtham still doesn’t have a firm grasp on Shivaji and his game. There will be a Sunday Funday episode at the house tomorrow, and many intriguing things will occur. Stay tuned for additional information.

According to speculations, it is Ashwadhamma 2.0, and Gowtham has been evicted from the house. Let’s see what occurs tomorrow in the house.

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