Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 27 Highlights: Nagarjuna Fires On The Contestants

It is Day 27 in the house in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 as the fourth week comes to a close. Pallavi Prashanth was announced as the next permanent housemate yesterday after winning the astra. The atmosphere in the home is heating up, and soon things there will change. You’re all in for a surprise with that. Since Nagarjuna has entered the stage with the belt, things will get more intense, so let’s see what transpired inside the house on Saturday.

Nagarjuna Full On Fire.

Nagarjuna didn’t create any entry songs at all, as was already mentioned. He just arrived, a belt in hand, and is furious at the other residents. He immediately rushed to the Maa TV and gave the roommates a somber face. Then Nagarjuna ordered Shivaji and Sandeep to stand. He immediately inquired as to whether or not the two of you were blind. The video of Teja figuratively beating Gautham with the rope was shown by Nagarjuna.

How come you didn’t stop Teja? What were you doing when Teja was being yelled at by everyone?

Shivaji claimed that he made an effort to stop him. However, he was preoccupied on the game, and Sandeep immediately apologized for his error. Nagarjuna was obviously dissatisfied with the Sanchalaks’ performances within the mansion. Then Teja came up, and Nagarjuna questioned him as to why he hadn’t stopped after hearing the females screaming so loudly.

Then Teja said that he had taught people that shouting was a form of encouragement, which made Nagarjuna even angrier. According to Nagarjuna, that was the most ridiculous thing to do to a housemate, and he should be disciplined in the home. Then Nagarjuna consulted Sandeep, Priyanka, and Subhasree about what to do with Teja.

Sandeep suggested that he be taken out of the home immediately for his misconduct and harming Gautham during the job, while Subhasree believed that jail was a better alternative. Priyanka disagreed, saying that he needed more punishment and that jail was not at all a good idea. Teja’s action is inappropriate, and this is absolutely absurd of him. Nagarjuna then made the decision, based on the majority of the housemates, that he would be the first participant to be arrested, that he should also perform housework, and that he would be nominated immediately.

Subhasree’s Complaint On Shivaji

Subhasree then revealed that he had a grievance against Shivaji. What is it, enquired Nagarjuna? Subhasree continued by stating that when Shivaji approached her and trapped her during the game, she felt quite uneasy. Then Nagarjuna asked whether she was uncomfortable or if he was acting inappropriately. Subha then stated that she found his actions to be unsettling. Nagarjuna then said that he couldn’t take it as a complaint because it was only a part of the game.

Even the other housemates agreed with Shivaji that he wasn’t doing inappropriately during the game. Nagarjuna himself demonstrated the video and explained everything within the home.

Nagarjuna Clarifies Gautham’s hand gesture

When Shobha Shetty was being nominated in the house, Gautham made some gestures toward her in front of Prashanth. When Nagarjuna showed the video and it was established that Gautham made the gestures, Shobha Shetty felt that Gautham had objectified her. Shobha Shetty explained this to Nagarjuna and expressed her sadness over it. Rathika believed Gautham was innocent, while Subhasree believed Gautham was guilty.

The majority of the household believed Gautham was at fault, and Nagarjuna believed that waving one’s hands around the house was inappropriate. Prashanth received praise and congratulations from Nagarjuna for being a skilled player.

Worst Sanchalak In The House

  • Sandeep was chosen by Yawar as Master of the House.
  • Shivaji was chosen by Rathika at the home. As everything was going on, Nagarjuna scolded Amar and Rathika for acting inappropriately around Prashanth and spoke aggressively to him during the astra power exercise. When chatting to Prashanth, Nagarjuna thought it wasn’t good because it went beyond the bounds of the house.
  • Choosing Shivaji, Amar
  • Teja decided not to choose any of them since he believed that everyone had given their all during the game.
  • Sandeep Master was chosen by Prashanth.
  • Sandeep was chosen by Subhasree, while Master Priyanka didn’t choose any of them.
  • Shivaji was chosen by Gautam as the worst Sanchalak.

The majority of the house then decided that Shivaji was the underdog candidate and they broke his power astrology, allowing him to return to the competition in the house.

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