How To Apply Bigg Boss Telugu OTT

How To Apply Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: There is no Seperate Application Process for the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT or Regular Bigg Boss. Telugu Celebrities gets Call from the Bigg Boss about whether they are interested to join in for Bigg Boss Reality Show. If they are interested then Bigg Boss interviews them with secrets and explains everything about Bigg Boss norms.

After Bigg Boss Explains everything about rules and regulations. They are made to sign an Agreement with them. That Agreement is not final and confirmation for Selection. Like wise about 50 to 100 Celebrities are interviewed and at last around 15 Celebrities gets Selected and finalized. In this way Celebrities gets a chance to enter into Bigg Boss Telugu OTT House. 

Only Celebrities gets a chance to enter into Bigg Boss house. Normal citizens cannot enter into Bigg Boss House. No official notification will be released or announced by the Bigg Boss. Whole Selection Process goes on secretly. 

Disclaimer: what all information we have given above is true and taken from Authenticated sources. If anything in this found to be false in the future, then we are not responsible.

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