How To Watch Bigg Boss Telugu OTT In Australia

How to watch Bigg Boss Telugu OTT in Australia: It’s not possible for the NRI’s or People outside India to watch Bigg Boss Telugu OTT directly on the Hotstar OTT though they have subscribed to it. Because of IT Restrictions and other policies, You can’t access to Bigg Boss Telugu OTT on Hotstar directly. With some changes in the device settings, you can watch Bigg Boss Telugu there.  Here below we will explain to you that full in details step by step.

Method of How To Watch Bigg Boss Telugu OTT In Australia

  • Download VPN app from the play store or internet into your mobile or Pc devices
  • VPN means Virtual Private Network, It secures all your’s activity on the internet and keeps private
  • Go to the VPN settings in the VPN app and Change IP Address Location there.
  • You have change address to India’s location irrespective of where you are living
  • You’ll get direct access to Hotstar OTT only If you change location address on the Vpn settings.
  • After Changing address location, Download Hotstar App, Create account, Subscribe and Watch and Enjoy daily Episodes and continuing streaming of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT.

Disclaimer: The information that we have given above is true and nothing is artificial and false. However, we don’t give authenticity to the above information, as we have taken it from well-known and not official sources.

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