Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 104 Highlights (Dec 17, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 104 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show is coming to an end in a couple of days. The grand finale is going to happen soon and the makers have planned everything wonderfully for the finale. 

Meanwhile in the Siri and Sunny had a fight in the last episode. Siri made sweet dosa for everyone in the house. Sunny and Maanas didn’t eat it and cooked their own food. Sunny wanted to eat rice and he cooked rice. Siri didn’t realize but got ready to cook food for everyone. Shanmukh realized that Sunny and Maanas didn’t eat dosa and started yelling at Siri for going forward to cook food for them. Siri cried for a bit and then came back to him to say again. 

Later siri realized that Maanas and Sunny didn’t eat Dosa. So she went to them and asked why didn’t they eat dosa. They told her that didn’t eat the food because of the fight. 

Bigg Boss Twist in the end

Bigg Boss suddenly announced that one of the housemates will be eliminated today itself. He asked everybody to pack their bags. Later on, He asked everyone to give individual opinions on who will be eliminated. For that Maanas took Shanmukh’s name. Shanmukh took Sunny’s name. Siri took Maanas name, Sreeram took Siri’s name and Sunny took Shanmukh’s name.

Bigg Boss announced that Siri has been eliminated and she should come out. It is a big twist to the housemates. But it was a prank, Siri got emotional and bid goodbye to everyone and left the house. Siri however, Returned to the house after an hour. Nobody knows why did she leave and why she came back again. 

And just like all the previous episodes. Siri completely herself and her game to Shanmukh. Their romance also reached top point now. Siri got emotional before leaving the house in a fake elimination and her reaction when she was Shanmukh crying from the confession room is obvious. After coming they both embraced each other. 

Just a couple of days and Bigg Boss Season 5 will be over. It would be interesting to see who will be the winner of this season. 

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