Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 38 Highlights (Oct 12, 2021)

Episode 38 Day 37 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Kajal Provokes again

6th week for Housemates started in Bigg Boss House. Kajal Starts Provoking Sriramachandra just like she did to Ravi in the last week. She said that they might be only Brother and sister in the world who Broke up their relation. Swetha saying emotionally to housemates and pointed out shanmukh that how he can ask her to Provoke other Housemates and said that she dind’t like it. 

Captaincy Task Begins

Captaincy tasks for the Housemates begin. Bigg Boss given Bigg Boss Factory task. All the Housemates were divided into 4 team. They have to make teddy bears with the raw material that will be supplied by the Bigg Boss. Lot of Arguments, Pushings, pullings happened in this task also between housemates.

Anne Master and Siri argued on one other. Ravi’s team got a chance through one picked teddy bear. Bigg boss gave an option for them to take all the toys from one team.

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