Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 39 Highlights (Oct 13, 2021)

Episode 39 Day 38 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

BB Factory Captaincy Task has continued for the next day in Bigg Boss 5 House for housemates. Both Captains Kajal and Siri Shanmukh decided to support their teams while checking teddies. Kajal said that she will again recheck all the teddies. 

Siri, Kajal Partial Behavior

Siri and Kajal both had a lot of Arguments with their housemates. Sunny fired on Siri and Said that she is supporting and being biased to yellow team i.e. Shanmukh team. Siri asked sunny to tell sorry to her infront of all their housemates but Sunny rejected to say.

Mother Daughter Fight

Anne master tried to smash all the teddies of Shwetha. They both argued for some time and felt that sad and ate late too at night. Ravi team was rejected for Captaincy’s task as Lobo damaged the pillow and used cotton from it. 

Ravi team got power to make one housemate as Captaincy Contender. Priya also got one teddy, she might also got one power which will be known in the next Episode. By coming up Promo, It seems like Siri and Kajal will be rejected from being Captain for their reckless and Partial Behaviour. 


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