Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 42 Highlights (Oct 16, 2021)

Episode 42 Day 41 Highlights Of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Eviction Process Began

Elimination for the 6th Week has began.on 41st day i.e.on 16th October 2021. In this week 10 Housemates have Nominated for Public voting. Host Nagarjuna Started Elimination Process.


He called all the Housemates Individually to the Confession room and asked them to tell one housemate name who are don’t have right to stay in the house. All the 14 Housemates expressed their Opinion, But Majority have told Priya and Lobo’s Name. In this course Priya got 4 votes and Lobo too got 4 votes among all 14 votes.

Lobo Eliminated But Saved

Host Nagarjuna asked all the housemates to support and stand beside Priya or Lobo. Only Ravi, Sunny, vishwa and kajal supported Lobo, Rest of all stood beside Priya. Lobo eliminated and called on Bigg Boss Stage. Nagarjuna asked lobo to show thumbs up and thumbs down to all the Housemates Individually. He showed Thumbs up and showed thumbs down for himself. While leaving he ddin’t gave negative comments on any Contestant. 

Lobo In Secret Room

Nagarjuna said Goodbye to Lobo, But while Lobo was leaving the stage He called back by Host Nagarjuna and said that the Audience have saved him from Elimination. Lobo cried and thanked Audience a lot. Lobo will be in Secret Room for one week, Nagarjuna told Lobo  to watch and Observe all Contestants Until Bigg Boss calls back him. 

Lobo will be kept secretly in a secret room. Only Housemates don’t Know about it. Until Bigg Boss calls back, Lobo will be inside the Secret room. Daily he watches and observes all the things inside the house through Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. In this course, the housemate inside the secret room, comes to understand other Housemates real Behaviour and Strategy.

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