Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 79 Highlights (Nov 22, 2021)

Episode 79 Day 78 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

On the Sunday episode, Anne master got eliminated. Now out of the 19 contestants, Only 8 are remaining the house. Bigg Boss episode started with 12th week Nomination, There was really good hype with the promos regarding this episode. 

Nomination process:

As  a part of the nomination process, Bigg Boss Installed Dishti dolls with the photos in front of the housemates. Each housemate has to smash the pot of the two contestants they want to nominate. 

As Maanas is the captain of the house, No one should nominate him. The Nomination began with Ravi, He nominated Sunny for not doing things properly at home. Ravi told Sunny that if you do things at home perfectly, You will become a better person. 

Then he nominated Kajal, After nominating her there was war of words between Kajal and Ravi in this matter. Ravi slammed Kajal for put fittings between him and others. 

Then Priyanka’s chance came, She nominated Shanmukh saying that he hasn’t played the game properly last week. And then she nominated Siri saying that if there is anything to speak, Talk to her directly. Then Siri Replied that Priyanka is the one who is talking behind her. 

Then the shocker of the episode, Shanmukh Nominated Ravi saying that he wasn’t strong as an captain and also as sanchalak. Ravi argued with Shanmukh regarding what was not correct. Shanmukh that when he was the captain, He was also an better Sanchalak. Then Ravi countered saying that Everyone is playing the game better than Shanmukh. 

Then Shanmukh nominated Kajal after that saying that if there is any doubt come and direct and speak to him directly. 

Next Sreeram nominated Sunny… Immediately there was argument between the two. Then Sreeram said that Me and five crore telugu people are a group. Then Sunny said that he is the leader of that group. Then he nominated Kajal saying that he didn’t like the fact that she wanted to destroy both people when she had the option to saving others. When there is an deciding factor, she forgets about the values. Then Kajal became serious about it. 

Then Sunny nominated Ravi and said that If you have to blame others you are in front, If you want to say something good to others you are always hiding behind back. Then the argument heated between Ravi and Sunny. 

Then Sunny nominated Sreeram. There was an heated argument between them two. At one point of time, They were going to fight as well but the captain Maanas controlled them. 

Then Siri nominated Pinki and Ravi for some simple reasons. Then kajal nominated Ravi saying that Do you have the courage and Memory at all? Then Ravi countered saying that he knows about his memory, she doesn’t have to prove it. After that she nominated Sreeram. 

The captain Maanas nominated Sreeram saying that as soon as he became captain of the house. He said all the best sanchalak. Was he looking forward to target me. They didn’t argue much. Then Maanas nominated Ravi as well. 

Just like that, The nomination process for this week was done. Except for Maanas everybody are in nominations and they are Ravi, Sunny, Sreeram, Kajal, Siri, Shanmukh and Priyanka. 

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