Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 80 Highlights (Nov 23, 2021)

Episode 80 Day 79 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

After the heated nominations were over, The episode began with Sunny and Kajal discussing that Sriram is playing a solo game in the house. Then Kajal and Sriram had an argument between them again. Later that night, There was also an small argument between Shanmukh and Siri. As usual after the argument, Siri went upto him and apologized to him again. 

Last Captaincy Task. 

Bigg Boss has given the task of dictatorship to all the contenders of the house, and it was also the last captaincy task in the Bigg Boss House. In the Garden area, There was an throne like Game of thrones chair. Then whoever sits first when the buzzer sound will be safe in that round but they should also be the dictator of the round.

The remaining others will have to save themselves by playing an challenge and the other two in the bottom will have to request the dictator to save them. Bigg Boss designed this taso so that those who were saved would become captain contenders. 

First Siri in the chair, The rest of the housemates were given the task of making hats by Bigg Boss. Sunny and Ravi were left out in the task. Siri should one of them. Ravi and Sunny requested him, Then after lot of debate between them three. Siri saved Ravi. Sunny was hurt and angrily walked away from them. 

The second time Sriram sat in the chair, and the rest of the housemates were given the task of slippers. With Ravi and Kajal coming in last. They requested Sriram. Sriram saved Ravi and Kajal was upset that she lost the chance to become captain. She went into the bathroom and cried. 

And for the third time Ravi sat in the chair. Bigg Boss gave the rest of the housemates a task which is related to fruits. Shanmukh and Maanas came in last. In the end, Ravi saved Shanmukh after a bit of debate. 

In the next chance Priyanka sat in the chair. The rest of the housemates were given the task of drums. Shanmukh and Sriram lost in the task. Both of them requested Priyanka to save them. Then she said that Payback is strong and even though nominated Shanmukh. She saved him. 

After that Siri and Priyanka sat at the same time. Then there was an argument that Siri sat first in the chair. Captain Maanas supported Priyanka by saying that Priyanka sat first. Then Siri said that if its your decision, Then I will leave. But it is not fair. But still Maanas stood by his word and Siri angrily went into the bedroom and cried. 

For that Shanmukh yelled at Siri saying that “ Why are you crying while playing the game?” It looks worst. 

We have to see who will be the last captain of the Bigg Boss House for this season. 

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