Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 85 Highlights (Nov 28, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 85 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality show has completed 12 weeks now and the fifth season is on high voltage now. No one knows who will win the game? No one knows who will get eliminated? There have been so many surprises and shocks this week and right now there are only 7 members in the Bigg Boss House.

Sunday Funday Feast

The Sunday episode began with Nagarjuna announcing the Bigg Boss season 5 winner will win a prize money of 50 Lakh Rupees along with 3000 Square yard plot in Suvarna kuteer. Then he asked the housemates. What does 50Lakhs mean to them?

First Pinky said that she will give it to her parents and eventually she will buy a house for them and she will adopt a baby girl to become a mother.

Then Sreeram that 50Lakhs is like a blessing to him and if he wins the amount. He will construct a house and live with his parents in it.

Next Ravi said that he will invest some amount in the education sector and also he will start a production house with that money

Then Kajal said that if she wins this amount, She will clear off 30 Lakhs debt which her family has and then create an old age home with all recreations. 

Next Sunny said that he will the money to his mother and eventually he will take some amount to start a Salon Business as well.

Maanas said the same thing just like Ravi said. He will also a production house and encourage new talent and new stories as well.

Next Shanmukh said that if he wins the cash prize, He will give 25 Lakhs to his mother because they have adopted two people for their education, and he will give another 25 Lakhs to his girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina.

Lastly Siri said that she will clear off Srihan’s parents debt and she will give some amount to her mother as well and with the rest of amount she will help blind people.

After that the housemates played a game which is called Chitti Bommalu Cheppe Chithram. The host Nagarjuna divided the house into two teams which are Team A: Ravi, Shanmukh, Pinky, Sreeram and Team B: Sunny, Kajal, Siri and Maanas. The housemates will be given a clue of a movie name in pictures and words and they have to guess it. Team B won the game.

Meanwhile, Shanmukh and Pinki got saved from the nominations. Only Kajal and Ravi were left for the final round. 

The next game was Veeri Veeri Gummadi Pandu Veeri Peremi. In this game, The housemates will be blindfolded and in the garden area some chairs will be placed in different places. The housemates will have to search for their chairs and sit on them. Siri won in this game. 

The Controversial Elimination

The final round of elimination was between Kajal and Ravi. Just before the elimination process. Sunny, Maanas, Pinki and Kajal were discussing about the eviction pass. Sunny wanted to give the eviction free pass to kajal but she declined it first. Even Maanas convinced her that she should take the pass. 

Sunny in Dilemma to Save Kajal or Not

Before going into the final elimination round, Nagarjuna asked Sunny whether if he would like to use the eviction free pass for himself or anyone of them in the elimination. As expected, Sunny decided that he will give the pass to Kajal. But the master stroke here came from Bigg Boss, The Eviction free pass wasn’t with Sunny. In the end, Kajal was saved by the audience and ravi got eliminated. Just like that, The eviction pass didn’t come of use to any one of them. 

Every housemate got emotional and bid they farewell to Ravi. After Ravi came onto the stage. He gave his verdict to the housemate which is Ravi has to give pass or fail tags to the housemates.

Ravi gave pass to Sunny, Sreeram and Shanmukh and Fail to Siri, Maanas, Pinky and Kajal.

Just like that the most unexpected elimination of the Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu has happened. We have to wait and see what will happen in the nominations now.

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