Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 83 Highlights (Nov 26, 2021)

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu Episode 83 Highlights

Right now, Bigg Boss House is going through some family reunions and everybody are happy that they are meeting their people after a long gap of almost 3 months. This is also the prime time of Bigg Boss House and the best part is Bigg Boss show makers are trying their best to bring the unique content to the audience. 

Sunny’s Mother Into the House

Yesterday we saw many reunions and today the episode began with Sunny’s mother entrance into the house. They share a very wonderful bond. Sunny’s mother name is Kalavathi and she was so proud of her son and happy to meet him after a long gap of 3months. In the house, She cracked some jokes and also ate food cooked by Sunny and then danced with Sunny. It came to know that it was her birthday as well, She celebrated with the inmates. 

Pinki meets her sister

Next Pinki’s sister came into the house. Actually, Pinki was waiting for her father in the house. But her sister Madhu came into the house. Both of them toured the Bigg Boss House and later when they were discussing about the game. Madhu told Pinki that she is playing the game very well and also mentioned that her father is very proud of her and he wants Pinki to win the Bigg boss title and create history. She also advised her to focus only on the game and not get distracted. It was probably about her feelings with Maanas. 

Ravi’s reunion with Wife and Daughter

First Ravi’s wife entered the house and he asked her about their daughter. But she told him that their daughter didn’t come to the house. Ravi was expecting to see his daughter. Then they both discussed about his game. She mentioned that their family and fans are loving his game and he shouldn’t be bothering about anything and also advised him not to stretch things between him and the other contestants. 

Then Ravi got surprised when he heard his daughter’s voice. He ran to the main door to receive his daughter. He couldn’t contain his happiness at all, He played with her and they spent some quality time together. Ravi’s daughter wanted to see the Bigg Boss house and together they toured the house. He played with her and danced with her. 

It was the emotional segment of the episode, As the housemates also became emotional along with the audience watching on screen. 

Shanmukh meets his mother

In the previous episodes, Once Shanmukh mentioned that his inspiration is his mother and called her Super mom. When she came into the house, He became emotional and also he tied the captain band to her hand and shared his happiness. Shanmukh’s mother greeted everyone and spent time with her son for a long time. In the meantime, Shanmukh asked about Deepthi Sunaina as well and he was worried about his relationship portrayal with Siri. However his mother told him not to worry about anything. They discussed about Siri’s mother as well. However, Shanmukh’s mother said not to overthink about it and advised him to be with everyone and treat everyone equally. 

The weekend episode is going to be interesting. We should see how the host Nagarjuna would react this week and also who will get eliminated as well. Will Sunny use his eviction pass if he is in danger or will he use it for his friends? Let’s wait and watch. 

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