Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 89 Highlights (Dec 02, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 89 Highlights

The new episode of the Bigg Boss began with Bigg Boss announcing Maanas, Shannu, Sreeram and Siri as the top 4 in the time count task and the next day started with housemates dancing to the song ‘ Chukkallo Unde Chandrudu.’ Siri hugged Shannu again saying that he has been taking good care of her.

Next we see Sreeram and Kajal are seen talking about the game. Kajal says that Shannu and Siri played the game wonderfully by sticking together. Then Siri and Shannu tried to defend saying that Sunny, Maanas and Kajal have also played the game together. The argument began between them and then Shannu screams saying that Kajal is just prolonging the topic. Then Kajal shot back saying that he is not understanding anything. Then Kajal goes and tells everything to Maanas and Sunny.

Sunny says to Maanas that no matter how many times they try to patch up with them. They just throw them away. Then we see Sreeram and Priyanka talking to each other. Priyanka says that she isn’t expecting anything from Maanas but he is the one who always tries to portray her in that way. Then Bigg Boss says its time for an another challenge and the housemates choose Skill.

Skill Challenge

The task is that the housemates have to fill the jars with water and bring the balls out. As Sreeram and Siri cannot play because of their health issues. Sunny and Shannu played on behalf of them. In the game, Sunny and Shannu got a tie and they played the task again.

This time Sunny won the tie-breaker task and he joins the race. Bigg Boss announces that Maanas, Sreeram, Sunny, and Siri will go the next round in the Ticket To Finale Task.

It would be interesting to see who will win this ticket and go to the finale directly. 

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