Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 87 Highlights (Nov 30, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 87 Highlights

Bigg Boss Reality show has took an interesting turn now as it is heading towards the finale. The show began with the Ticket to Finale, and right now there are seven members in the Bigg Boss house and to win the Ticket to Finale, They have to participate in the tasks and it is not going to be easy.

But before that, As usual Pinky and Maanas Saga continued. Pinky has feelings for Maanas but he doesn’t reciprocate the same. He tried convincing her many times, But still expresses the same feelings for him. Usually Pinky can tolerate anything for Maanas.

After the heated nominations were over, Maanas told pinky that she did a mistake by nominating Kajal who has been there for her always. But Pinky replied that she doesn’t have any reasons to nominate other people except Shanmukh, But because he is the captain he can’t be nominated. So she nominated Kajal.

Maanas was upset about this and he asked her to think about who is her friends in the house. After he got up and started walking away, Then Pinky stopped him and told him that she didn’t complete talking to him. Then Maanas argued that he has told what he wanted to and he doesn’t want to listen to Pinky. 

Pinky got hurt and she got emotional and expressed anger on him. Later on When Maanas, Kajal and Sunny were talking n the bathroom area. Pinky joined them, and the arguments continued. Slowly Kajal and Sunny left the area, Maanas argued with Pinky and asked what her expectations are. 

After sometime, Pinky calmed herself down and tried to talk to Maanas again. 

Meanwhile, Pinky asked Kajal to give her some space to talk to Maanas. Then Kajal used it as an opportunity and said that she never gives space to others. Pinky didn’t like it. Pinky lost her temper and yelled at Kajal and asked her to Shut up. She also made a statement that the fights in the house are happening only because of Kajal. 

Ticket To Finale

The most interesting part of the day was Ticket to finale and it is an important task. Housemates have to face some tasks to get a chance for the ticket. This is like a lottery, If the housemate is nominations then they can go directly into the finale. 

There are three challenges for the housemates to get the ticket to the finale and the first one is Action, Second is Speed and third is Endurance. Then housemates picked Endurance task. In this task, There are 7 tubs filled with ice, with two buckets, one filled with balls and other is empty. The housemates have to stand on ice. If any housemate puts their leg outside, the other housemate can pick the balls from their bucket and put in their empty bucket. 

By the end of the buzzer, Whoever has maximum number of balls wins the task. The housemates began the game and then Maanas, Kajal and Sunny stood side by side. Shanmukh and Siri stood by side. Bigg Boss understood the strategy of the housemates and he changed the places of Sunny and Shanmukh.

In the next episode, We will see who has won the task. 

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