Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 93 Highlights (Dec 06, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 93 Highlights

After Sunday Episode, and Pinky’s elimination. The house became quite as the fight for the top 5 began in the house. As usual, Mondays are for nominations in the Bigg Boss House.

This is last nominations segment of the season and it took place in an unique manner. As Sreeram Chandra won the ticket to the finale, Except him everyone are in nominations this week. The audience will decide who will be eliminated from the house. 

Shanmukh Discussion with Siri

Shanmukh is a little worried now, He thinks that Maanas, Kajal and Sunny are trying to manipulate Siri to make her a villain against him. He discussed the same with Siri and asked her not to stay close to them. But Siri didn’t like it, She told him that she is trying to be herself and talking to them. But she doesn’t understand Why Shanmukh isn’t liking it. Shanmukh is always passing unusual comments on Siri and displaying dominance over her. 

Fight for the Top 5

Now, Bigg Boss has sent 6 podiums in the garden area and asked the housemates to pick their positions unanimously. After lot of debate and discussions, Most of them wanted the first position on the podium. But only one person has to stand on the podium. So after the discussion was over, The housemates finalized their places.

First Sunny, Followed by Shanmukh, Kaja, Sreeram. Maanas and Siri. 

This time in the nominations, Everybody are there in the list except for Sreeram. Now the audience will decide who will be eliminated from the house. It would be interesting as the battle for the top 5 has begun. Who will be that contestant who will go from the house this week after coming this far in the game. Let’s wait and watch

Nominated List

Sunny, Maanas, Siri, Kajal, and Shammukh

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