Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 8th October 2022 Written Update: Hit or Flop

The weekend show has arrived, and Nagarjuna opened it with a wonderful song. He then watched the Friday episode, in which Bala Aditya was assisting the participants in performing yoga poses on mattresses. Following that, Nagarjuna addressed the audience and discussed the housemates’ overall performance for the week.

The audience’s reactions were conflicted. Following then, Nagarjuna spoke with the residents, and a lot of intriguing events occurred during this portion. Check out today’s events in the house.

Talk about “Hit and Flop”

Who is the hit and who is the flop in the home, Nagarjuna asked the roommates. Surya-Inaya, Srihan-Satya, Adi Reddy-Geethu, Baladtiya-Rajshekhar, Arjun-Vasanthi, Keerthi-Rohith, Marina-Faima, and Chanti-Sudeepa had some stimulating discussions. The successful and unsuccessful housemates. Nagarjuna questioned the other housemates if Revanth was a hit captain before approaching him.

Revanth was selected as a hit captain by the entire house, so it will be interesting to watch how he handles his new role.

Prediction for Sunday’s elimination

Chanti, Marina, Faima, and Bala Aditya were in the danger area. Chanti’s exit from the Bigg Boss House has now been announced.

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