Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 34 Day 33 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 34 Day 33

We anticipate some great content in the house starting this week because we have a new captain, Singer Revanth. The voting lines have been closed, and the elimination process will soon follow. Chanti, Baladitya, and Marina are currently in danger. We must wait to see who is dismissed for this week.

The lavish spending task

This week’s luxury budget job required the division of the housemates into two teams by Bigg Boss. They must engage in a game of tug of war. Each team will have two people tied together who must pick up objects and put them in their bowls. The sanchalak for this job is Revanth. Revanth and Chanti argued while playing this game.

The participants were just hearing Revanth remark, “Okay, ready.” He wasn’t saying them to begin the game, though. Chanti and Revanth quarrelled about it, but in the end Chanti’s crew completed the luxury budget task and resolved every difficulty.

The Cool Guy becomes agitated

Bala Aditya is renowned for his collected demeanour. first time becoming irate in the home. when Chanti and Revanth were debating the topic. Bala Aditya made an effort to diffuse the situation.

Geethu then said something that he found to be highly offensive and began yelling at her. The way Bala Aditya yelled at her astonished the other residents of the residence. She has exceeded the limit he claimed existed for everything.

We need to watch how Nagarjuna handles the problems in the house because tomorrow is the weekend episode.

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