Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 32 Day 31 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 32 for Day 31

In the house, the Bigg Boss Birthday special is still going on. The housemates were given engaging assignments by Bigg Boss. The housemates had a fantastic time this week and found it to be extremely humorous. The house has seen a lot of other unusual things today. Let’s investigate them, shall we?

House with ghosts

There should be constant entertainment in the house, as Bigg Boss stated. Marina then attempted to play the ghost hoax on the housemates along with a few others. The game did operate well for a while, but later on it became dull, so they quit playing. Faima, who was given the secret assignment in the house during this time, failed to complete it, and as a result, she is no longer eligible to compete for the captaincy.

The joker is at home

Bigg Boss introduced a joker into the house as part of the game, and the other housemates were instructed to remain silent. They simply need to stand their ground and maintain their composure. The joker made every effort, but Geethu didn’t pay attention to Bigg Boss and she participated in the game in her own way. On the other side, Sri Satya was struck in the face with a cake by the joker.

Power naps on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss advised that no one should bother him while he is enjoying a power nap. Bigg Boss invited Srihan and Chanti to accept the challenge of the wax strips during this process. Yes, the surviving participants will use wax strips to remove the hair off their legs, and they must remain silent throughout the process. The challenge was lost by Srihan despite the segment’s humour and appeal. Bigg Boss punished Srihan by having Inaya dub for him for a while because his sleep was interrupted.

Candidates for this week’s captaincy

For this week, Revanth, Geethu, Surya, Raj, and Aditya are the captaincy contenders. Revanth, Geethu, and Surya are the final three competitors left on the list. These three aren’t nominated, therefore we need to find out who will win the week’s captaincy and whether they advance to captain of the house. They will also receive immunity for the coming week.

Candidates nominated

The voting process is moving along quickly, but Aditya and Chanti are currently in danger. Therefore, use the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote to support your favourite candidates and keep them alive.

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