Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 9th October 2022 Written Updates: Chanti eliminated

Highlights from Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu on October 9, 2022

Sunday’s Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu It’s Friday, and the house has also seen an elimination. The housemates have been going through a lot of emotions right now. Check out today’s events in the house.

DSP in the residence

Devi Sri Prasad, a music composer, attended the Sunday Funday Episode to premiere his brand-new, exclusive song, “O Pilla,” on the programme. The music is quite distinctive and catchy. Following their interactions with the residents, Nagarjuna and DSP. They engaged in a game of pictionary in which each team had to draw the title of a song. The winning team is the one who made the accurate guess. The majority of the songs were solely DSP compositions, and team Chanti triumphed in this match.

Elimination with haste

Due to the quick removal this Sunday, it was very different from the previous Sunday. The housemates had no enjoyable activities to partake in. Nagarjuna instructed the housemates to share appropriate proverbs with their fellow competitors once DSP left. This section was also completed rapidly. Inaya and Chanti were the final two remaining.

RJ Surya broke down before to the actual elimination. He claimed that everybody who gets close to him is escaping his life. It occurred in real life in addition to the game. He was comforted by his housemates before Nagarjuna finally revealed that Chanti had been kicked out.

Even though he didn’t play the game properly, Chanti stated on stage that. But he has been able to capture the attention of the competitors. Chanti graded the housemates on the basis of their performances before leaving the stage. In this Srihan, Inaya received a score of 100 out of 100 from Chanti, while Satya, Geethu, and Adi Reddy each received 99.

That was how the Sunday Funday episode played out, and tomorrow will bring new nominations, which should be intriguing.

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