Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu 11th October 2022 Written Updates: The Emotional Battery Charging

Following the contentious nominations debate in the house. Bigg Boss had a fun task planned for the house’s captaincy contenders. The work involved a lot of emotional content as well as other parts of the home. Check out today’s events in the house.

The work of battery charging

The challenge for the captaincy contenders was named battery recharging by Bigg Boss. The task involves both emotions and some tactical considerations. Each resident of the residence will receive a 100% battery as part of the process. They will then be called one by one into the confessional.

Then Bigg Boss will display certain items on the screen, like food, a t-shirt from home, audio and video calls, and snacks. The entire house will suffer if they choose not to accept any of the options. The housemates’ battery % will drop if they choose one of the options. You must perform the tasks in order to raise the battery %. The battery percentage will drop if the other residents are breaking any house rules.

Srihan entered the space first. On the screen, various alternatives were shown to him. He declared that he had no need of the residence. Then Bigg Boss warned him that there would be repercussions if he didn’t choose a course of action.

Srihan made the 15%-costier food choice. Adi Reddy chose a video call, which used up 40% of his battery, while Sudeepa chose an audio call, which cost her 30%. After Revanth and Geethu broke the house rules, Bigg Boss depleted their batteries by 10%.

The task is really difficult, and nobody can blame anybody else for their decisions because they all include their families. Those who violate the rules and lower the battery percentage will take Bigg Boss’ wrath.

We must wait and watch what occurs in the house as the duty will be continued tomorrow.

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