Bigg boss Telugu Season 6 October 13th 2022 Written Updates: Rohit’s Ultimate Sacrifice.

The Bigg Boss house is currently experiencing some difficult feelings and sacrifices. We witnessed contestants talking to their loved ones and displaying some emotion yesterday. The house had the same event today as well. Let’s examine it in more detail.

Rohit was put forward for two weeks

Bala Aditya spoke to his wife at that time. The game was terminated when the battery level reached zero. to restore the battery’s remaining capacity. The housemates were given a difficult choice by Bigg Boss. For the following two weeks, one of Rohith or Vasanthi should be nominated immediately. Rohith made the decision to be nominated for the two weeks without consulting anyone or anything, and the battery level increased to 100%.

Despite the fact that he made the sacrifice so the other residents may talk to their families. There was no opportunity for Rohith and Marina to surprise anyone. They suffered greatly as a result of Raj totally draining the battery and Bigg Boss ending the game as a result.

During the captaincy contenders game, injuries

Prior to that, Surya received a handwritten note, Faima spoke to her mother, Vasanthi received a picture frame from the house, Arjun conversed with his loved ones, and Keerthi heard an audio message from former Bigg Boss participant Manas.

Then, Bigg Boss made the decision that everyone had given everything they had in the house. Everyone was given the chance to compete for the captaincy. There were two teams in the house. In the middle were some basket balls. The candidate for captaincy is whomever picks the balls and keeps them in the box with their names.

Adi Reddy, Vasanthi, Surya, Arjun, Rohith, Revanth, Satya, Raj are the players in this game. Bigg Boss warned the housemates not to play physically after they sustained numerous injuries during this game.

The voting line is becoming longer. Vote now for your preferred competitor.

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