Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu 12th October 2022 Written Updates: Sacrifice Games

After the difficult first day of the assignment, Srihan resisted the need to take anything but the food that was already in the house. Adi Reddy shared some happy memories with his wife and kids while Sudeepa broke down in tears. In the house, today was also extremely interesting. With some enjoyable times, giving up certain things, working hard at the tasks, and emotional ones. Check out today’s events in the house.

Sacrifice made by Bala Aditya

Geethu was invited by Bigg Boss into the confessional. Only 5% of the battery is left, according to Bigg Boss. She is thus unable to make a decision. Bigg Boss gave her two choices for increasing the battery %, which are. If the housemates give up sugar, the battery percentage will increase to 70% till Bigg Boss gives the all-clear. Another possibility is that the battery percentage will increase to 90% if Bala Aditya gives up smoking for the entire season.

Geethu spoke with the other housemates after leaving the confessional. Bala Aditya gave up his cigarettes, which resulted in a rise in the battery %. Then Bigg Boss summoned Geethu once again for a confession and presented her with three choices: a video of her cat playing, an audio call with her father, or a strand of cat hair.

Then Geethu chose to talk to her father. She was delighted when her father called, and once the phone line disconnected, she had some fun.

Emotional video of Arjun

Arjun decided to see the video of his father. when Arjun’s father expressed how much he missed having him at home. Arjun broke down in tears. The video wasn’t long, but the housemates kept asking to watch it again. However, Bigg Boss chose not to replay it.

Video call between Satya and her parents

Satya decided to call her parents through video. When Satya spoke to her parents, she experienced intense emotion. I never told you about this, Dad, but I love you so much, she claimed.

As the battery level dropped, Bigg Boss assigned a mission to Faima, who gave it her all and gave the other housemates hope that they would get to spend some time with their loved ones.

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