Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 3 Highlights (Sep 07, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Updates: Episode 3 Highlights

3rd day in Bigg Boss house for the Contestants. Clashes started on the second day i.e. Monday itself between some contestants and that lead them to nominate their opponent. 6 candidates gone for public voting.

On Tuesday misunderstandings again started between them. Three harsh incidents happened in house. But before that all were somewhat bored for not having any content.

Vishwa went to power room, made ravi to wear ladies clothes which was most funny part. Later vishwa ravi had emotional conversations. Vishwa cried remembering the death of his brother.

Lobo and Siri’s Prank

Lobo and Siri hanumanth wantedly done a prank between contestants that they are really fighting with each other but later that all ended like prank.

Content Clashes

RJ Kajal and Lahari Shari, both had aggressive comments on each other. Lahari didn’t liked the way RJ kajal commands and told that she wanted to create content wantedly. Rj Kajal got emotional and cried that she can’t able to handle Lahari’s views and whatever she said what normal. 

Jessy Misbehave

Ravi, Lobo, Manas, Vj Sunny tried to cool the contestants wherever they get in clash. The behaviour of Jessy didn’t like by many in the house. Anee master asked to remove leg from another chair but jessy didn’t, In this way Anee master got disturbed and both of them had wild conversations. Anee master later cried lonely and all the contestants tried to cool her.

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