Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 15th, 2022 Written Updates: Voting Appeal

As the days go closer to the grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, it has entered the finale and is pretty exciting. Today, a lot of intriguing things took place in the home. Let’s investigate them, shall we?

Voting Appeal for the contenders

Bigg Boss requested the housemates to make a vote appeal to the audience as the voting lines were about to close. But only a select handful will have the chance to accomplish it. Again, Bigg Boss gave the housemates a choice as to who would receive the vote appeal in this challenge. Everyone agreed that they should all have a chance to plead for votes, but even during the last week, Bigg Boss preserved some entertaining tasks. Rohith was given the chance to appeal his vote when the house voted that he should.

The housemates were then instructed by Bigg Boss to put down a few reasons why the audience should support them. Then, Bigg Boss marked each housemate’s performance based on the positives they had noted. Adi Reddy triumphed in this game and was given the chance to appeal a vote.

All of the housemates eventually received the opportunity by the task’s conclusion, and this week, the previous roommates won’t enter the house because there is a mid-week eviction.

Rumor has it that Sri Satya was fired in the middle of the week. To help your favourite competitors win Bigg Boss, keep voting for them.

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