Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 16th, 2022 Written Updates: Sri Satya Eliminated

The finale week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has begun, and just yesterday the voting appeal chores were completed. Today they resumed since Bigg Boss wants to give each participant the chance to request votes. In the house, a lot of interesting things occurred. Let’s investigate them, shall we?

Voting Appeal Continues

Adi Reddy made their request for votes after Rohith. Other tasks were given to the housemates by Bigg Boss, and in this game, everyone had the chance to solicit votes. Additionally given the chance to solicit votes were Sri Satya, Keerthi, Revanth, and Srihan, and everything went through without a hitch.

Mid Week Elimination

However, the episode’s key twist—Mid-week elimination—remained. All of the housemates were summoned into the garden area where Bigg Boss informed them of the midweek eviction. After much anticipation, it was announced that Sri Satya had lost the house, according to the voting results. The residents became a little emotional, and Sri Satya left the house.

The voting has ended, and the Bigg Boss Season 6 winner will be announced soon. Watch the season finale online starting at 6 PM to find out who will win.

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