Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 18th, 2022 Written Updates: Revanth the Winner

The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 finale episode is now out, and it had a star-studded cast, great moments, poignant moments, and unexpected twists and turns. Let’s look at some of the many events that occurred in the conclusion.

The ex-housemates danced to different songs after Nagarjuna made a grand entrance, and the event felt like a get-together for all of them. Then Nagarjuna spoke with the top five members of the house about their emotions during the grand finale. The Bigg Boss did a great job of setting up the grand finale.

Nikhil Siddartha in the house

Nikhil Siddartha attended the Bigg Boss show to promote his forthcoming film 18 Pages, and Nagarjuna gave him his congratulations for the hit film Karthikeya 2. After that, Nikhil entered the residence with a heavy burden on his shoulders: he had to kick one person out of the building. After a brief moment of suspense and excitement, Nikhil eliminated Rohith and joined him on stage.

Adi Reddy Eliminated

Following Rohith’s elimination, Ravi Teja and Sree Leela attended the programme to promote their film Dhamaka. The housemates must cut the rope in this scene or their doll, which is hanging from the top, will fall into the pool. Whoever has their doll fall into the pool is out. Adi Reddy was evicted after all the housemates cut their ties and his doll fell into the pool.

Keerthi eliminated

The top 3 were then given the chance to receive some cash that was kept in a briefcase when Ravi Teja entered the house. However, the other housemates weren’t willing to accept the luggage. Subsequently, after a brief moment of suspense, Ravi Teja offered the red suitcase to Keerthi, who was then sent home.

Twist in the tale

After the Top 2 in the house had a celebration, Nagarjuna entered the home to make them an offer of 30 lakhs in prize money. However, after they both rejected the offer, Nagarjuna upped it to 40 lakhs. Srihan then left the residence while carrying the briefcase. Revanth was crowned the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 on stage. Nagarjuna said that Srihan truly received the most votes and took first place after the winner was announced. The title then passed to Revanth as he received the bag.

The season has come to an end with how the show ended. Hello until we speak again.


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