Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 15th, 2022 Written Updates: A Golden Opportunity

The 11th week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is currently taking place, and the finale will soon follow. The current competition among the housemates is for a special job that would grant immunity from nominations. Check out today’s events in the house.

Aftermath of Nominations

Following the nominations, Keerthi and Satya sat down in the garden to discuss their differences. But it was obvious that Satya wasn’t prepared to acknowledge her ego. As a result of her mocking Keerthi with sarcasm, their conflict intensified. On the other hand, the nominations didn’t sit well with Srihan and Revanth. Revanth declared his desire to nominate Srihan. They had a discussion about it, and as a result, their friendship is starting to deteriorate.

Opportunity for Immunity

The housemates were given a chance by Bigg Boss to obtain immunity and protection from nominations. The housemates will receive some checks in exchange for it, and they must write down a sum. Whoever has contributed more will be exempt from nominations the next week. If the other housemates write the same amount of money, they will not receive immunity, and they are not allowed to discuss the number with anyone. The cash award they will win at the grand finale will be reduced by the highest number of this amount.

The roommates each wrote down their contribution and placed it in the box. Bigg Boss then revealed that Sri Satya had spoken about the sum and had thus been eliminated from the competition. Raj received immunity in this episode, was exempt from nominations, and the prize money was reduced by over 5 lakhs.

Run between the wickets

Then Bigg Boss gave the other housemates a chance to enhance the reward money. Bigg Boss assigned Rohith and Revanth a task. To boost the prize money, they need to complete 100 runs in 7 minutes. They made a lot of effort, but the best they could manage was 82 runs in 7 minutes, which was quite an accomplishment.

The task will improve tomorrow, and Bigg Boss has many intriguing things planned. Remain tuned.

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