Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 17th, 2022 Written Updates: The new captain of the house Revanth

Another week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is almost here, and this week was quite distinctive and interesting. There have been numerous arguments, clashes between comrades, and the election of a new captain. Check out today’s events in the house.

Protect your goal

For this week, Revanth, Adi Reddy, Rohith, Inaya, and Srihan are the captaincy contenders. The majority of the contests for the captaincy took place while the housemates were selecting their captains for the week. However, this time was very different, and the big employer assigned the candidates for house captain an engaging duty.

There will be one ball and five goals in this game. The competitors must safeguard their objective. They can play the game together to eliminate everyone else in the game, or they can target opponents one at a time. The procedure became quite physical as the competitors attempted to frame Revanth by claiming that he was acting physically aggressively once more, but this time Revanth was totally engaged and committed to the game.

Faima shouted at Adi Reddy while attempting to divert his attention. However, Revanth eliminated after playing his game flawlessly. Because there won’t be a captain in the house after this week and next, the contenders offered their best effort. They must therefore give their all during these two weeks in order to preserve themselves from elimination.

The game continued with lots of highs and arguments. Revanth ultimately triumphed in the game and was elected as the house’s captain for a second time.

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