Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 18th, 2022 Written Upates: Faima wins the eviction free pass

Revanth, who received immunity for the upcoming week, has been named the new captain of the house on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. Raj also acquired immunity by writing a special code on the check that will be subtracted from the winnings. The housemates now have another chance to receive a free pass from eviction, thanks to Bigg Boss. Check out today’s events in the house.

Press the buzzer for eviction

Bigg Boss declared that there would be a contest for the free pass from elimination. The housemates must push the buzzer in this game to be chosen for the free pass from eviction. A certain sum will be displayed on the screen before each round. They must hit the buzzer if they want to take the money out of the cash prize. Revanth, Srihan, and Faima pressed the buzzer in this game to advance to the next round.

Heavy weight on the shoulders

The contestants in this “eviction free pass” contest have to raise a heavy pole on their shoulders. The other housemates must then sprint to the sandbags in order to pick one up in each round. Whoever takes up the person they don’t want to support may suspend the sandbag on their stick. Revanth and Srihan were chosen by the majority of the residents, and the pressure on them only grew.

They eventually found it challenging to maintain the stick on their shoulders. After a short while, Revanth dropped the stick after Srihan had already done so. Faima obtained a free pass from eviction in this way. Revanth and Srihan genuinely gave everything they had to remain in the game. They were taken to the medical room once the game was over.

We must wait and see how Nagarjuna will handle the other problems in the house tomorrow.

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