Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 8th, 2022 Written Updates: Snake and Ladder game

After a contentious nomination process, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 will now turn up the heat inside the house. For the captaincy contenders assignment, Bigg Boss has a fun game that involves snakes and ladders. Today, a lot of intriguing things took place in the home. Let’s investigate them, shall we?

Game of Snakes and Ladders

Team Snake and Team Ladder will compete against each other in this game. The roommates must use mud to construct their snakes and ladders. Whoever has a thicker and better ladder or snake advances to the next round. One roommate from the snake team may pick a housemate from the ladder team whenever the snake hisses in the game and attempt to steal their mud in order to develop their snake.

The other housemates can give the other inmates their mud. Whoever’s snake or ladder has a thinner wall at the time the buzzer sounds will be eliminated from the game. Team ladder Inaya and Team snake Faima are the sanchalaks for both teams.

Emotional Keerthi

Despite having a fractured finger, Keerthi gave it her all to play the game. She chose Raj to steal the mud during the task when the snake growled. She gave it her all, yet she fell short. She played the game brilliantly and fiercely competed despite being in agony. But at one point, she started to cry since she couldn’t give the game her all.

Dominating Inaya

Inaya played the game with extreme dominance. She got really aggressive during the game. She specifically handled Faima with entire manhood. She ignored everyone in the home, despite their repeated warnings to refrain from playing the game with such a high level of aggression. She continued to play by her own set of rules.

Then the dramatic turn took place inside the home. When Bigg Boss instructed the snake team’s Sanchalak, Faima, to remove one ladder team member from the competition. Faima carefully examined each ladder, noting that Inaya’s was improper and thinner than the others. As a result, she took Inaya out of the contest. Faima ended the game with the last laugh in this way.

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