Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 9th, 2022 Written Updates: Snake Time Wins

The captaincy contenders game for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has been going on with some hot exchanges and unexpected developments. Faima and Inaya engaged in an intriguing battle yesterday. Even though Inaya dominated Faima for the majority of the game, Faima emerged victorious. Let’s look at the interesting things that happened in the house today.

An opportunity to re-enter the game

The contestants who were eliminated from the competition were given another chance by Bigg Boss to enter the race for captaincy. Bigg Boss will send some stickers for this game, and the contestants must attempt to stick as many stickers on other contestants as they can. Those that receive fewer stickers will be reintroduced into the game.

For the four contenders Rohith, Satya, Inaya, and Vasanthi, a line was created separating them. Because she crossed the line, Inaya was disqualified from the game, and she was upset about it. Rohith and Satya knew Vasanthi was their goal. Rohith and Satya triumphed in this match, regaining entry into the contest for the captaincy.

Keep your Nag Mani safe

The priceless Nag Manis will be brought by the snakes squad. The Nag Mani must be taken by the ladder team. If the snake team has less Nag Manis at the buzzer, they will lose the game. The ladder team attempted to use Revanth’s frailty during this mission. Revanth made every effort to win, nevertheless. They persisted in saying that he was turning violent and hostile.

In any case, the snakes team completed the assignment successfully, and each member is now a candidate for this week’s captaincy.

Let’s find out who will lead the house as captain.

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