Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 18th, 2022 Written Updates: Bigg Boss Opens the gates.

Due to the housemates’ disregard for their chores, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6’s ratings have declined. Because of this, Bigg Boss allowed the housemates who don’t respect the house or the audience inside. The Bigg Boss thoroughly vented his wrath with the producers and the fans in this, one of the best episodes of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6.

Celebrity Task

As a task for the candidates for the captaincy. The housemates were given engaging tasks by Bigg Boss, including celebrity tasks. The housemates’ role models for this task must be well-known Tollywood characters.

The actors portraying the characters of the housemates are Rohith as Magadheera, Marina as Arundathi, Raj as Chatrapathi, Surya as Pushpa, Adi Reddy as Coolie, Geethu as Srivali, Inaya as Athiloka Sundari, Vasanthi as Hasini, Keerthi as Ramulamma, Aditya as Bheemla Nayak, Faima as Neelam

The housemates were given some fascinating assignments. Two teams were formed among the residents of the home. Whoever prevails in the majority of challenges will compete for the position of house captain.

Revanth vs. Arjun

Arjun was referred to as Pappu by Revanth during the task. Arjun didn’t respond much at first, but Sri Satya prompted him by saying, “Why don’t you say anything to Revanth?” The argument between Arjun and Revanth then escalated into a major altercation.

 Bigg Boss Angry at the housemates

All the housemates were summoned to the garden by Bigg Boss. They are the worst contenders compared to past seasons, according to Bigg Boss. They are careless with regards to the assignments, the laws, and Bigg Boss. The challenge for the captaincy contenders has been cancelled because of this.

Despite the fact that the housemates begged the Bigg Boss by apologising. However, Bigg Boss did not budge at all this time. When the gates to the house were opened, Bigg Boss commanded anyone who did not respect the Bigg Boss house and audience to leave. Nobody got up from where they were.

The episode concluded in the house in this manner. Over the weekend, we must wait to see how Nagarjuna would react to this circumstance.

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